What is Zombie Ape Land?

Geopolitical strife and unprecedented warfare has collapsed the foundations of the polygon planet of Bana. In search of golden with opportunities, a biochemical lab called Zape developed a special potion to preserve the health and strength of the planet’s ape inhabitants. This potion which turned out to be toxic.

Facing extreme banana shortages resulting in little chance for survival, taking the serum was the only to stay alive. However, in doing so, the apes became mutated, because of the side effects of the potion disrupting of all the biological functions and as result the Apes were converted into Zombie Apes.

Now, with super strength but an increased primal instinct, these Zombie Apes are tasked with saving the destroyed universe from the other dangerous rogue inhabitants wandering the lands, while fighting the toxic potion effect causing the brain dommage.

In this apocalyptic Zombie Ape Land, the world runs on brains and handmade tools.

Learning how to effectively scavenge raw resources, craft protective equipment, and fight through the animalistic hoards is the baseline for survival.

Our story begins in the City where the Zape biochemical lab was headquartered.

After the collapse of Bana, all inhabitants of the city were mutated into zombies - but luckily, they still have their own consciousness. In order to save themselves and their friends, they have to collect biological samples from other organisms affected by the toxic potion to create an antidote.


However, they will also have to venture to each continent to find extremely rare ingredients to reverse the effects of the toxic potion.

Knowing this, the Zombie Apes banded together to pool their resources and brains together. However, some of them are slowly losing their sanity to the effects of the the toxic potion, and time is running out.

The journey begins with you, equipped with nothing but your fists and a backpack where you can store your findings.

Along the way in your journey towards a cure, you will stumble across powerful enemies, safehouses full of rare equipment, and other surprises along the way. Community-led events, planet expansions, and other project developments will keep the pace of Zombie Ape Land’s story alive and well. Navigate the trenches of Zombie Ape Land with caution, and fully explore new regions to survive.

Only the strongest will.


Zombie Ape Land is a P2E (Play to Earn) Blockchain-based game where your NFTs double as playable characters.

5555 Zombie Ape Land NFTs will be mintable, with whitelist privileges and mint permissions being allocated to active members of our community on discord and twitter. We highly encourage everybody interested in our project to stay in touch with us on our social platforms.

This is where we will post vital updates, and answer community questions about roadmap, utility, and how to mint.

The world runs on brains, and so do we. Holders are distributed 10 $BRAIN tokens daily through staking, which they can use to complete actions in the P2E game such as combat, scavenging safehouses for raw materials, and crafting protective equipment to give them an edge in gameplay.

These $BRAIN tokens may be connected to a liquidity pool to provide holders with additional value and tokenomics.

However, this will be confirmed at a later date.

There will also be a 20 $BRAIN cap to encourage our playerbase to continue staking and actively playing the game.

We encourage active participation and discourage hoarding - Zombie Ape Land is more than tokenomics. It’s a P2E game with fun gameplay and an intriguing lore.

Gameplay will include PVE zombie-rpg combat, puzzle-solving, and strategic game elements such as cooperative raids to fight powerful bosses and steal tokens from the planet’s corrupted inhabitants.

Through these raids, exclusive powerful weapons, limited armor chests, and other helpful equipment can be looted to provide Apes with increased strength and vitality.

In rare instances, ultra bosses will be spawned by the admin team. They are impossible to kill without proper equipment and resources, and they will drop real-world gifts, ETH, or even land (sandbox).

Powerful juice serums will be available for purchase on the secondary market with hefty $brain pricing as an option for players to quickly prepare their apes for tough combat.

We will implement a hi-scores leaderboard updated daily that rewards the best-ranking players with special gifts (like $BRAIN tokens, ethereum, and other prizes).

Leaderboards will reset periodically to give newcomers an opportunity to demonstrate their wit and skill.

With Zombie Ape Land’s P2E elements, Tokenomics, and Staking to distribute second market royalty back to the community, we are excited to provide value to you with several layers of contribution.

We will also have holder airdrops, gameplay, and other exciting events to look out for. The world runs on brains and so do we. Let’s fight for survival, together.




ZAL is the Land of Zombie Apes. We are Zombies trying to become the true Apes again.
We will be on the Polygon Blockchain
Up to 5 Zombie Apes per wallet.
Development will begin upon reveal.
Yes indeed! In fact, each Zombie Ape needs food, this will be initiated by Staking $10 brains per day and later in the game the Zombie Apes will be looking for serum to become the true Apes again. They will be able to fight other Zombie Apes, to steal their food and wealth.
$brains will be Zombie Ape's currency. Staking your Zombie Ape will earn an amount of $token per day, you will also earn an additional $token.
1 $brain = 1 $brain, although a community member is free to create a liquidity pool if they wish.
We are a French team.
RailsNFT: Entrepreneur/Crypto Enthusiast, business leader with 20 years in software computing.
MitchNFT: digital web designer, freelance art director, art veteran.
Juliafle: French teacher, Pedagogical writer, Graphic facilitator, with an impecable taste for the creation of innovative scenarios (escape game).
There are a total of 5555 zombie apes. There are 5 Super Rare Zombie Apes.
Super rare apes are 1/1. Super rare holders will receive 1 ETH per airdrop when the collection is revealed.
They will be revealed 48 hours after the Mint.
The whitepaper is a roadmap for how the project will develop over time. The white paper will be published on the website.

Our team


French teacher, Pedagogical writer, Graphic facilitator, with an impecable taste for the creation of innovative scenarios (escape game).



Entrepreneur/Crypto Enthusiast, Business Leader with 20 years in software computing.



Digital Web Designer, illustrator, freelance Art Director, Art veteran.



Talented illustrator, creates illustrated images for games, characters, in color or black and white.